Sports Lighting Design

3D CAD Floodlighting designHockey floodlighting 350 lux.Isoline light spillage plotMUGA pitch floodlighting design

We use the latest 3D CAD software to provide the most cost efficient lighting designs.

Sports Floodlighting Design

We can design you a quality floodlighting scheme using the latest 3D CAD design. Our engineers will design a lighting plot that will suit all of your needs. This will include lux levels, light spillage and uniformity levels. We will work with the planning authorities to achieve a lighting scheme that will reduce sky glow, light spillage and nusance lighting for the surrounding residence. This is done by only using high quality floodlighting that will provide critical lighting control and the use of minimal lighting columns or telescopic masts to reduce there pysical impact on the surrounding area.

Indoor Sports Lighting Design

Indoor sports lighting usually requires much higher lighting levels. Using the reflective surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling we can calculate the correct lux level and lighting uniformity. We will use the minimal amount of luminaire's to achieve the requires levels saving on running and maintenance costs. We can incorporate lighting control that will automate the system allowing for additional savings to be made and a quick return on your investment.

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